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(Golden Green Quartz/Gold) Oval Flower Ring

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"oval flower ring"

The simple design highlights the stone. The matte finish of the gold plating on the base metal gives it an elegant appearance. The back of the stone is finely chamfered to make it sparkle and shine, creating a very glamorous impression.


Other color variations are here


[Characteristics and Effects of Goldden Green Quartz]
Among lemon quartz, golden green quartz is particularly good in color, and the dark lemon quartz with a slight green hue is called golden green quartz. Compared to regular lemon quartz, the darker ones are few in number and are considered to be highly rare. (See the third photo) It brings cheerful brightness and has the effect of healing mental and physical fatigue and damage. It calms mental confusion, nightmares, and fear. It leads from negative emotions to positive emotions, so it is a good stone to wear when you want to feel happy.

-Material: 18KGP (silver925) (matte finish)

・Stone size: 10x14mm

*Please be sure to read this before purchasing.

(Golden Green Quartz/Gold) Oval Flower Ring