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About repairs and aftercare

At Aujour, we provide repair and aftercare services so that our customers can enjoy their jewelry for many years to come. We will carefully repair each item, so please feel free to contact us.

[Repair and aftercare process]

First, we will check the condition of the product before providing any further information. Please contact us at with the following information:


- Your order number (we need to identify the product, so if you don't know it, please be sure to attach a photo of the product.)

In case of damage, please provide a photo showing the condition of the product.

*If you have spam or domain-specific filters set up, you may not receive our reply. Please set the domain block setting for the "" email address.


We will inform you of the cost after inspecting the condition of your item.

-Repair and aftercare fee list-

*Prices are only a guide.

①Refinishing to new condition: 700 yen and up
*18 For gold plated products, if re-plating is required, fee ⑤ will also be charged.
Ultrasonic cleaning & de-dulling 300 yen~
3) Repair broken chain From 900 yen
*For 18K gold plated products, if re-plastering is required, fee ⑤ will also be charged.
④ Stone setting: 500 yen/( 1 stone) ~
18 Gold plating: from 1,800 yen
⑥ Rhodium plating: from 1,500 yen
⑦ Brazing (welding) 900 yen ~
⑧Deformation correction: from 2,000 yen
*The listed prices are exclusive of tax.

*In addition to the above, a handling fee of 900 yen will be charged for each repair request.

[ About repair period ]

At the end of the month, we will send a request to the repair workshop for all items to be repaired in one go.

Therefore, the repair period will take approximately one to two months.

For example, if the item for repair arrives at our company on June 1st, it will be sent to the workshop at the end of June, so it will take about two months. However, if it arrives on May 30th, it will be sent to the workshop for repairs in May, so the repair period will be about one month.

[Shipping fee]
Regarding shipping costs when sending the item to us for repair, you will be responsible for the outbound shipping fee. We will cover the return shipping fee. Please send it to the address we specify later.

*If you send the item for repair without contacting us first, or if you send the item for repair to an address other than the specified address, we may not be able to accept the repair or you may be charged a forwarding fee. Please be sure to contact us at first.

*Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any accidents or loss that occurs during delivery.

*If the product arrives at our company and is damaged during shipping due to improper packaging, we may not be able to charge you additional fees or repair the product.

*Depending on the condition of the product, we may not be able to repair it.
*If the order falls on a long public holiday such as Obon, New Year's holiday, or Golden Week, it will take longer than usual.