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Care instructions

[Precautions when using]
  1. Some stones are sensitive to water (especially hot water). Also, some rings use adhesives, so we recommend that you remove them when washing your hands, taking a bath, or doing water work.
  2. Precious metals may cause itching or rashes depending on your constitution. If you notice any abnormalities on your skin, discontinue use immediately and consult a medical specialist.
  3. It may discolor or deteriorate due to reactions with cosmetics, perfume, detergent, fruit juice, hot springs, seawater, ultraviolet rays, etc., so be sure to remove them.
  4. It is a delicate product made by hand. We recommend that you remove it when doing heavy work, strenuous exercise, or sleeping.
  5. Please avoid wearing this product in high temperature environments (such as saunas) or cold environments (such as ski resorts) as it may cause burns or frostbite.
[Care instructions]
  1. After use, sweat, sebum, makeup, dust, etc. will adhere to the jewelry. After use, gently wipe it off with a soft cloth, eyeglass cleaner, chamois leather, etc. For gold-plated products, be sure to use a cloth that does not contain abrasives. For silver jewelry, polish it with an abrasive cloth or cream to restore its shine.
  2. Natural stones are generally sensitive to water, so we recommend that you avoid using liquids to clean them as much as possible. If the stains still remain, soak a cloth in a mixture of water and mild detergent and wipe the stone gently. After wiping, be sure to thoroughly wipe off any water with a dry, soft cloth, as this can cause discoloration and scratches.
[Storage method]
  1. Store in a place with low humidity and out of direct sunlight.
  2. Since the hardness of natural stones varies depending on the type, stones with low hardness may cause small scratches when jewelry pieces hit each other. We recommend that you choose a jewelry box with dividers when storing your jewelry, and use a jewelry travel pouch when carrying your jewelry.
  3. Jewelry can easily tarnish when exposed to air. After use, store it in a jewelry box or a sealable bag such as a Ziploc bag to minimize contact with air, to prevent oxidation and tarnish.