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(Azuro Malachite/Silver) Big Plump Ring

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"big plump ring"

Just wearing this voluminous chestnut-shaped ring made of azure malachite will make you look trendy. This stone is perfect for those who like urban style.

[Characteristics and Effects of Azuromalachite]

This stone is characterized by its artistic beauty, a mixture of vivid blue azurite and green malachite. It is said to have the effect of detoxifying negative emotions and generating new power. Try wearing it when your current thoughts and actions are not going as you want them to due to childhood trauma or preconceptions. It will heal your fears and give you great power to take a step forward from your current situation. This is a recommended stone when you want to be reborn as a new you, the person you want to be.

・Material: 925 silver

Size: 15x15mm

*Please be sure to read this before purchasing.

*The stones are individual and may vary. You cannot choose the pattern or color nuance of the stone. Thank you for your understanding. We hope that the product photos will be helpful for you to compare the individual differences.

(Azuro Malachite/Silver) Big Plump Ring