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(Crystal/gold) star inside necklace

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"star inside necklace"

A simple round necklace with a star shape cut into the center. The edges are finely chamfered to make them sparkle and accentuate the star shape. The delicate chain makes this a classy yet playful necklace that you'll want to tell someone about.

[Characteristics and Effects of Crystal] Clear and sparkling crystal. Crystal, which is considered a symbol of "purity and innocence", is a stone with extremely high purifying power. It is said to dispel all negative energy, eliminate excess, and return you to your original clear state. It also promotes self-growth and is expected to bring strong good fortune. As a feature of the stone, it has few quirks, so it is recommended as a first stone.

・Material: 18KGP (silver925)

Total length of chain: 44cm (2 adjusters at 2.5cm intervals)

・Stone size: 12x12mm

*Please be sure to read this before purchasing.

(Crystal/gold) star inside necklace