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(Sunstone/gold) oval flower CAB necklace

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"oval flower CAB necklace"

The simple design highlights the stone. The delicate chain makes it elegant even when layered. The smooth cabochon cut brings a fresh, juicy fruit look to your chest.

[Characteristics and Effects of Sunstone]

This stone has a unique sparkling shine, as if red glitter was inside the stone. The complex intertwining colors of red, orange, lemon, and lime are attractive. As its name suggests, it is said to draw out the power of the sun, and is known as a stone of victory. It increases the proactiveness and drive needed to achieve goals, so it is a perfect stone for those who want to improve their luck at work. It helps to restore confidence in a cold heart, just as the sun's rays warm it, in the face of lack of confidence and complexes. It is said to also help develop the ability to see the truth, without being fooled by appearances or superficial things.

Material: 18KGP

Total length of chain: 44cm (2 adjusters at 2.5cm intervals)

・Stone size: 10x12mm

*Please be sure to read this before purchasing.

*The characteristics of this stone are that it has inclusions, and it is prone to cracks inside the stone that form during the process of the stone's structure growing. It is said that the cracks create a fantastic sparkle by reflecting light. We hope you will understand the individuality of the stone and its growth history.

(Sunstone/gold) oval flower CAB necklace