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(Pink amethyst/gold) waved eternity ring-multi shape-

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"waved full eternity ring-multi shape-"

This luxurious full eternity ring is the result of careful craftsmanship , with each stone being a different shape: triangular, square, round, rectangular, heart, and oval.

The wavy shape allows you to enjoy a variety of looks by changing the side that is brought to the front.

[ Characteristics and effects of pink amethyst]
The elegant, transparent bluish pink has both a cute and mature charm. It is a stone filled with the energy of love, and is expected to be effective in achieving love. It gives you insight into the other person's heart and allows you to reexamine your relationships, so it also has the power to attract good relationships. Recommended for those who want to find a new love or reexamine their current relationships.

-Material: 18KGP (silver925) (matte finish)

・Stone size: Approximately 5-8mm each

*Please be sure to read this before purchasing.

*Regarding sizing, just like other rings, you can purchase your own ring size, but you can also go up one size and still wear it comfortably. Example) Recommended size for a ring size 9 → size 9 or size 10

*It will take about a week for delivery.


(Pink amethyst/gold) waved eternity ring-multi shape-