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(Pink amethyst/silver) twinkle oval ring

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"Twinkle Oval Ring"

This ring sparkles and shines delicately like a kaleidoscope. By cutting the facets more finely than with regular cutting, it has a more brilliant sparkle than other stones.

The base metal has a matte diamond point finish giving it a rough texture, creating an exquisite balance that is not too sweet.

[Characteristics and Effects of Pink Amethyst] The elegant, transparent bluish pink has a cute and mature charm. It is a stone filled with the energy of love, and is expected to be effective in achieving love. It also has the power to attract good relationships, as it gives you insight into the other person's heart and allows you to reexamine your relationships. Recommended for those who want to find a new love or reconsider their current relationship.

Material: Silver 925 ( matte finish with diamond points)

・Stone size: 8x10mm

*Please be sure to read this before purchasing.

(Pink amethyst/silver) twinkle oval ring