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(Peach Moonstone/gold) oval flower CAB ring

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"oval flower CAB ring"

The simple design accentuates the stone. The smooth cabochon cut brings the freshness of juicy fruit to your hand .

Other color variations are here

[Characteristics and Effects of Peach Moonstone] As the name suggests, this stone has a mysterious atmosphere with a thick orange-pink color like peach nectar and a moonlight-like schiller. It has a shine like a magnetic nail. It has been loved by people since ancient times as a stone with mysterious powers. When you are emotionally unstable due to anger or sadness, wearing this stone will calm your turbulent emotions and keep your heart peaceful. It is also called the "stone of lovers" and the "stone that conveys love," and it is said to fill the owner with gentle and generous love. It will help you meet your loved one and fulfill your love, leading you to a happy marriage and family.

Material: 18KGP (silver 925) matte finish

・Stone size: 10x14mm

*Please be sure to read this before purchasing.

(Peach Moonstone/gold) oval flower CAB ring