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(Mint fluorite/silver) virgin drop ring

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"virgin drop ring"

Rain is the source of life. Stones are used lavishly, like large raindrops falling on the earth. The ring band gives a delicate impression compared to the stones. It has a core, but is strong and delicate, like a supple woman.

[Characteristics and effects of mint fluorite]
The internal cracks are as beautiful as art, and the stone is refreshingly clear. As the Latin word "fluere" (meaning to flow) derives from this, this stone has a very high vibration that helps regulate the flow of stagnant energy. It washes away unnecessary evil thoughts and purifies the soul and aura. It is also said to be a good stone for improving work and studies, as it enhances thinking ability and allows you to deal with things calmly.

Material: silver925

・Stone size: 11x16mm

*Internal cracks are a characteristic of fluorite stone.

*Please be sure to read this before purchasing.

(Mint fluorite/silver) virgin drop ring