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(Moissanite/gold) Cross Rhythm Double Finger Ring

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Cross rhythm double finger ring

The bars are set with a free and random rhythm, making this a very trendy ring. "Free and fashionable without being bound by convention." This is the idea behind this ring. This double finger type jewelry will make your hands look even more gorgeous.

[Characteristics and effects of moissanite]

A new stone with the highest brilliance and durability of any gemstone on earth, said to be 2.5 times that of natural diamonds. Diamonds are prone to absorbing oils and greases, but moissanite is resistant to oils and greases, so it is easy to maintain and does not lose its shine even without cleaning. Moissanite is said to have the power to strengthen willpower. Wearing it will help you achieve your goals and help you achieve success and wealth.

Material: Moissanite / 18KGP (silver925)

*You can fine-tune the size yourself.

*This is a delicate piece of jewelry. Please handle with care.

(Moissanite/gold) Cross Rhythm Double Finger Ring