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(lapis lazuli/gold) ibitsu oval earcuff

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"ibitsu oval earcuff"

The irregular outline that surrounds the stone is typical of Ojure, making this a relaxed ear cuff.

Slide them up to the top of your earlobe and put them on. They are stress-free and won't fall off even if you run, jump, or bounce, and they don't hurt even if you wear them for a long time.

(Since ear shapes vary from person to person, you can adjust the opening to your liking by widening or narrowing it.)

[Characteristics and effects of Lapis Lazuli] The bright indigo blue and gold star-like pattern are reminiscent of stars floating in space. It will grant your wishes and bring you good fortune one after another. It will help you realize the true meaning of happiness, not only in the immediate happiness, but also in the things that you sometimes feel are trials, and it will lead you to the right path with confidence. If you wear it when you are lost in life, your judgment will improve and the path may open up naturally.

*Please note that since each stone is unique, you cannot choose the pattern or color nuance of the stone.

-Material: 18KGP (matte finish)

・Stone size: 6x11mm (cabochon cut)

*Please be sure to read this before purchasing.

(lapis lazuli/gold) ibitsu oval earcuff