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(Labradorite/silver) square cabochon ring

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"square c abochon ring"

This luxurious and elegant ring features plump cut stones in a rounded square shape.

[Characteristics and Effects of Labradorite] The base color is grayish, but when illuminated by light, it is a mysterious stone that emits a vivid blue shimmer (shine). It is said that this shine comes from a planet in the galaxy. It enhances intuition, insight, and creativity, and should protect you from stress and negative energy. It has the power to attract the job, environment, and connections that suit you, so it is a stone that will lend you strength when you wish to meet people and places that match your values.

*There may be slight scratches on the surface, but this is a characteristic of Labradorite stone.

Material: silver925
・Stone size: 11x11mm

*Please be sure to read this before purchasing.

(Labradorite/silver) square cabochon ring