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(Rainbow Moonstone/gold) acorn candy ball ring

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acorn candy ball ring

This ring, which resembles an upside-down acorn, looks like a lollipop candy. The thickness of the arms also creates a contrast, giving the ring a sense of volume.
Ball-shaped stones of this size are difficult to obtain.

[Characteristics and Effects of Rainbow Moonstone] Rainbow moonstone has a mysterious beauty that shines with a pale blue light depending on the angle of the light. Moonstone, which seems to contain the light of the moon, has long been loved by people as a stone that holds mystical powers. When you feel emotionally unstable due to anger or sadness, wearing this stone will calm your troubled emotions and help you maintain a peaceful heart. It is also called the "stone of lovers" and the "stone that conveys love," and is said to fill the owner with gentle and generous affection. It will help you meet your loved one and achieve love, leading to a happy marriage and family.

*As a characteristic of stones, they are prone to cracks inside the stone that form during the process of the stone's growth. Minor scratches on the surface are a characteristic of stones. It is said that the cracks create a fantastic sparkle by reflecting light. We hope you will understand the individuality of the stone and its growth history.

・Material: 18KGP (silver925)

・Stone size: 14mm

*Please be sure to read this before purchasing.

(Rainbow Moonstone/gold) acorn candy ball ring