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(Rainbow Moonstone/gold): moon walk ring

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moon walk ring

This ring was created with the image of a full moon in mind, and the delicate band contrasts with the plump cabochon-cut stone, accentuating femininity.

Other color variations are available here

[Characteristics and Effects of Rainbow Moonstone]

Moonstone is attractive for the beautiful streaks of light that appear depending on the angle of the light. Its surface looks like an aurora, giving it a gentle impression. Moonstone, which seems to contain the light of the moon, has long been loved by people as a stone that holds mystical powers. When you are feeling emotionally unstable due to anger or sadness, wearing this stone will calm your troubled emotions and help you maintain a peaceful heart. It is also called the ``stone of lovers'' and the ``stone that conveys love,'' and it is said to fill the owner with gentle and generous affection. It will help you meet your loved one and make your romance a reality, leading you to a happy marriage and family.

・Material: 18KGP (silver925)

・Stone size: 13x13mm

*As a characteristic of stones, they are prone to cracks inside the stone that form during the process of the stone's growth. Minor scratches on the surface are a characteristic of stones. It is said that the cracks create a fantastic sparkle by reflecting light. We hope you will understand the individuality of the stone and its growth history.

*Please be sure to read this before purchasing.

(Rainbow Moonstone/gold): moon walk ring