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(Lemon chrysoprase/silver) long heart rough ring

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"long heart rough ring"

A long heart shape that adults can wear without feeling embarrassed. The thick band and heart-shaped stone are handsome and girly. Perfect for those who don't want to look too sweet but still want to wear a heart.

[Characteristics and Effects of Lemon Chrysoprase]

This stone features a pale yellow-green and soft brown marble pattern. Lemon chrysoprase cultivates a generous heart in its owner. It is said to be effective in romantic relationships with loved ones and in the workplace. It has the power to maintain emotional stability, so it is said to help you interact with others calmly without tension or irritation, so it is a good idea to wear it as a talisman to improve communication.

Material: silver925

・Stone size: 14x10mm

*Please note that since each stone is unique, you cannot choose the pattern or color nuance of the stone.

*Please be sure to read this before purchasing.

(Lemon chrysoprase/silver) long heart rough ring