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Garnet (gold): vintage dream oval ring

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"vintage dream oval ring"

Fashion like that seen in old movies is still fresh and exciting even after all this time. We have recreated a ring that retains that classic vintage feel while fitting into a modern wardrobe. The moderate band width and the luxurious use of precious metal give the ring a heavy feel, creating a rich atmosphere.

[Characteristics and effects of Garnet]

Garnet, which gives an elegant and ladylike impression, is characterized by its deep crimson color. It is said to be a "symbol of fruition" and will bring to fruition the results of your efforts toward your goals and lead you to success. It will also help you realize your dreams and desires, and the love you want to achieve. It is a stone that symbolizes "loyal love" and "deep bonds."

・Material: 18KGP (silver925)

・Stone size: 7x5mm

*Please be sure to read this before purchasing.

Garnet (gold): vintage dream oval ring