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Lemon quartz (gold): moon walk ring

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moon walk ring

This ring was created with the image of a full moon in mind, and the delicate band contrasts with the plump cabochon-cut stone, accentuating femininity.

Other color variations are here

[Characteristics and Effects of Lemon Oat] The transparent yellow color blends well with the skin, making it a stone that suits anyone. It makes you look mature and cute. It brings cheerful brightness and has the effect of healing mental and physical fatigue and damage. It calms mental confusion, nightmares, and fear. It leads from negative emotions to positive emotions , so it is a good stone to wear when you want to feel happy.

Material: 18KGP (silver925)

Stone size: 13x13mm

*Please be sure to read this before purchasing.

Lemon quartz (gold): moon walk ring