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Super Seven (gold): oval flower ring

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oval flower ring

The simple design highlights the stone. It has a classy appearance, and the back of the stone is cut in a way that makes it sparkle and shine, giving it a very glamorous look.

Other color variations are here

[Characteristics and Effects of Super Seven] Super Seven, which has different colors depending on the inclusions, is a stone that combines seven minerals: quartz, amethyst, cacoxenite, goethite, lepidocrosite, smoky quartz, and rutile. It is said to be the strongest power stone, with enough power that it does not need purification. It is recommended for those who want to improve their luck or get effects in all aspects. It also adjusts physical and mental disorders, so it is good to hold it during meditation.

-Material: 18KGP (silver925) (matte finish)

・Stone size: 10x14mm

*Please be sure to read this before purchasing.

*As each stone is unique, you cannot choose the color nuance or shape of the stone. Super Seven is made up of multiple minerals, and the specific gravity of each mineral varies, so please understand that the photos are for reference only. We hope you enjoy seeing what kind of stone you will receive. Also, since the stone contains multiple minerals, inclusions and streaks may appear on the surface.

Super Seven (gold): oval flower ring